Vanilla Scented Kisses….A little piece of me

I  love the smell of Vanilla. It’s warm and comforting, but also vibrant: A little like me.

Hi. My name is Vanessa Dossi and I love to cook. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved to cook. I love food’s ability to bring people together and fill a room with so much love and laughter. More than anything else, I love how I can be at the centre, facilitating that atmosphere.
 So why did I create a blog? Well, as I typed this from behind the desk of my number crunching job, I asked myself, what is my purpose in life? What makes me happy? What gets me really excited? The answer as it’s always been is to cook. The love and laughter brought about by a good meal? Yes. That’s what really gets me going.
So I asked myself, in earnest, “What are you doing to live your dream daily?” Something made me think why not a blog. What better time to start than the present moment, right?
 With that said, please note, this is not a food blog neither is it really a cooking blog. It is a little piece of me. Me sharing my love for cooking and all things food. Don’t expect power point presentations of recipes of gourmet meals but rather my love for all things food. I hope to share that love with you all.Watch this space
Love. V
Edited by: Malehloenya Tsoaeli (Thanks boo)

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