Hints & Tips Thursday – Easy Poached Eggs by Mali (@iTsoaeli)

You guys know Mali as the official VSK editor and she’s starting off our new segment with her way of making simple poached eggs (Note; she served hers with savory muffins 😉 ) I’ve tried the recipe myself and it’s really easy. Here’s her technique:

You will need:
A frying pan
A flat ladle spoon/slotted spoon
Boiling water
Cereal bowl
Vinegar (Quarter cup. 30ml)

Start by boiling water in your kettle. Be sure to fill it up. Then place your frying pan on a hot stove (high heat) and empty the water into it. Ensure that the water boils before you proceed with the other steps.

Once your water boils, turn down the heat to medium but ensure its still bubbling so that your eggs poach quickly. Place a generous amount of vinegar into the boiling water. The vinegar is to ensure that your egg doesn’t go all over the place, but molds into a pretty poached egg.

Break an egg into a clean cereal bowl and empty it carefully into the the water. If you’re poaching more than two eggs, be sure to only do two at a time. When the egg white is completely cooked (takes less than two minutes) you can remove your egg. Use your ladle spoon/slotted spoon to remove the egg and dab on a kitchen towel to remove excess poaching water.

Malehloenya Tsoaeli

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