I am in love….


I am in love and oh boy does it feel great! When I think about this new love it at times feel like acid reflux. The pit of my stomach is unsettled and it even becomes hard to swallow. I can’t stop thinking about them and I often find myself waking up at odd hours of the night to make sure It isn’t all a dream. I am absolutely fixated on them, borderline obsessed and they consume all my time. All the anxiety and worry that comes with daily life has been replaced with a renewed sense of purpose, hope and excitement for the future.

Who is this new love you may ask. Well, it’s more of an it. My new business website http://www.vanillascentedkisses.com  . If you follow my blog you may remember a time when I spoke about finally changing my domain name and how it quickly fell apart due to some confusion. At the time I was very distraught but it was quickly revealed how it was all blessing in disguise. I started to work on a new website with Squarespace that would help catapult me into catering which is what I would love to do in the long run.

The website is finally up and running and in the weeks to come you’ll notice a change. I intend n gradually moving some of the content on this blog onto a website so please bare with me during this transition, regular programming will resume soon. In the meantime please do take a tour of my new website and join me in this new chapter of my life.



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