Restaurant Week Part 2 – Pigalle

Saturday afternoon we where at Pigalle in Melrose Arch. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this establishment and especially it’s a seafood. I had never eaten here before because if my friends and I are deciding to either do a fancy dinner or end up at some lounge taking shots and consuming badly prepared finger food; the latter always wins. In our defense, it’s just simply more fun 😀

Anyway I was definitely excited to try out Pigalle and here’s what I had to eat;

Prawn & Salmon Ravioli

Prawn & Salmon Ravioli

Prawn and Salmon ravioli tossed in a dry vermouth veloute.  My expectations where met with this starter. I almost licked my plate clean. The ravioli stuffing was beautifully seasoned enveloped in thin sheets of al dente pasta. The star of the dish was the lemony veloute. It was the perfect acidic compliment. My only complaint with this dish was that I wanted more.

Sirloin Steak

Sirloin Steak

Call me naïve for ordering a steak at a restaurant that is predominantly known for seafood but after the seafood starter I didn’t feel like their alternative main which was Prawns. This dish brought my high expectations back down to earth. Yes the steak was perfectly cooked but I’ll never understand a restaurant serving chips as a side. It feels like a cop out. in addition to that, their mushroom sauce was nothing to write home about.  The entire dish was a disappointment.

Amarula Tiramisu

Amarula Tiramisu


Mascarpone cheese layered with Amarula dipped finger biscuits. This definitely made up for the lackluster main. The creaminess of the amarula infused mascarpone cheese on top of the espresso and amarula cream dipped biscuits made for the perfect combination. The tartness of the strawberries balanced out the sweetness of the dish. Perfect end to any meal.



In summary, I preferred Pigalle’s menu to Central One but for some reason I don’t see myself returning to Pigalle anytime soon. I think maybe it’s because of it’s very formal atmosphere. Did it live up to my expectations, not really but a day well spent none the less.  Guess where we ended up after the meal? To one of those lounges to take those shots 😀

If you’re interested in restaurant week, keep an eye on their website it will be back next year.



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