Kitchen Raid

People always ask me questions like “How do i know what to buy when i’m doing grocery shopping?” or “what are your kitchen staples?” So I’ve decided to do a kitchen raid. I’ll list the things that i consider a stable in my pantry or fridge. These items, i believe form the basis of good cooking for me.

Herbs & Spices



  • Oregano & Thyme : If you’ve ever read any of my recipes you’ll find that i stick to very few herbs and spices. I have my obvious favourite which is Oregano/Origanum and next in line would be thyme. They work well with any meat and vegetable. I am not loyal to any brands but i usually buy Robertsons.
  • Robertsons Masterblends : I really love the new Robertsons Masterblends and in particular the zesty lemon & herb and Rosemary & garlic. They work so well with roasted vegetables. Try the rosemary & garlic with baked potatoes – You’ll thank me.
  • Woolworths Goodies : Woolworths Food seems to have a much wider range when it comes to spices and spice blends than most supermarkets. My favourites are the Za’ataar blend – which is a zesty spice blend that’s great with fish and chicken. The Harissa blend is spicy North African blend that’s great with lamb. The Spanish smoked paprika is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It adds smokiness to any food.

Canned Goods


  • Italian Whole Peeled Tomatoes : I prefer to buy canned tomatoes because the fresh ones always go off so quickly. My personal favourite are the Italian whole peeled tomatoes in tomato juice.
  • Beans : I love beans but can never dedicate the time to making them from scratch so i always keep around a can of butter beans, black beans and kidney beans. They come in handy when i want to make chilli, stews or just want them on toast.

Sauces and Stuff


  • Red & White Wine Vinegar : So cheap and so handy in marinades or salad dressings. I like the woolworths food brand.
  • Soy Sauce & Fish Sauce : I prefer the dark soy to the light one. I find it less salty and more sweet. I pick whatever brand is cheapest on the day. Fish sauce smells like foot but it’s so great for stir frys and curries. I’ve had that bottle for over 6 months. a little goes a long way.
  • Worcestershire Sauce : Maggi Lazene is my favourite brand. I use it in my stews and meat marinades.
  • Fresh Garlic & Garlic Paste : I absolutely love garlic and put it in every meal i have. I love the pungency of fresh garlic but always keep a tub of garlic paste in the fridge, usually either garlic and ginger/garlic and herb or garlic and chilli


I also always have things like a bottle of lemon juice, mushrooms, bacon, chicken breasts and chicken livers in the fridge.

That’s pretty much what you’ll find in my kitchen. I hope this helped you 🙂



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