Glory Glory!


A friend and I had just left an early Saturday morning conference in Newtown and I was famished. Picking where to eat doesn’t come easy, especially when you make it a point to try and eat somewhere new every time you go out while also sticking to budget restraints. “What’s close to here? ” I thought. ” It doesn’t have to be close to here.” he replied. ” It helps narrow down the options” I replied back. So we continued to brainstorm and then suddenly he yelled “Glory!” with an excited look on his face. I yelled back “Glory! Glory!”

I had heard of this place that offers great South East Asian street food in Melville and had been meaning to try it. Stories of their amazing fried chicken had me sold already. Its hidden on the corner of 7th Street and 3rd Avenue. We walked in and it was empty and while some might be put off, there’s nothing I love more than dining in an empty establishment. It offers a chance to really relax and more so a chance to get to talk to the servers and get a true feel of what’s good there without them rushing off to the next table. The place also seemed to be undergoing construction, I didn’t think too much into it. I love good food and I’m not picky where I’m getting it.

We sat down and were greeted by a polite gentleman. He explained that they didn’t have a drinks menu so we questioned him with what was available and I settled on the only chenin blanc they had. It wasn’t the greatest glass of wine I’ve ever had but I could overlook it for the food to come. The food menu came and I was anxious to try everything, our server suggested we try the Full Box Fried Chicken for two.  It’s a half chicken double fried with an array of sides and sauces.


Glory Full Box Fried Chicken

The buns were warm, moist pillows of  goodness. They did right by coconut rice, serving it drenched in coconut milk and topped with bean sprouts. The fried chicken was packed with so much flavor, crispy and unbelievably most. The pictures make the food look noble but the flavor offered can never be described as that. Glory really believes in the beauty of letting great ingredients speak for themselves.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the food, the service at the restaurant left a lot to be desired. We were the only guests in the restaurants but waited long periods of time before being attended to. In addition to that, their bathrooms left a bad taste in my mouth. Bathrooms can be the deciding factor when battling with where to eat or should I sit in or get a take away. I also found their drink prices to be terribly overpriced for the area and the selection they had.


Would I go back? I think so. I loved the food enough to overlook everything else. What Glory lacks in finesse they make up for with great rustic charm.



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