Wine Stokvel

One of my 2019 goals was to invest in more experiences and quality time with my friends. In addition to this, as someone who enjoys wine, I found myself drinking the same bottles of wine and not opening myself to new ones. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and started a wine Stokvel with my friends.

For those who don’t know, a Stokvel is defined as an investment or savings society to which members regularly contribute an agreed amount of money towards a common goal. This goal could be anything, for example; a holiday, savings, investing, purchasing appliances or in our case; wine!

Here’s how our Stokvel works;

  • We’re a group of 5 people. We kept it at 5 because a case of wine has 6 bottles. This allows us one extra bottle in each case for tasting.
  • We contribute money every month into an account. After the third month, one group member is sent the full amount and they choose and purchase their chosen 5 cases of wine.
  • The person buying the wines then hosts us for a wine tasting where we get to sample the tasting bottle from each case. You present the wines with a short description of the wine, it’s origins and why you chose it.
  • The wines are distributed and each person takes home a case with a variety of wines in it.

We had our first meeting during Easter Weekend and it was such a beautiful experience. Everyone was open and receptive to the wines. People walked away feeling like they got their money’s worth (which was my biggest worry). I chose the wines that I had my eye on for a while, vineyards I was interested in and price of course. These were my selections;

Petit Frere Red Blend – About R115 a bottle/ R600 a case.  

Creation Viognier – R135 a bottle/ R800 a case. 

Eikendal Janina Chardonnay – About R89 a bottle/ R500 a case

Marvelous Wines Rose – About R69 a bottle/ R400 a case 

Saronsberg Brut MCC – About R185  a bottle/ R900 a case

My favourite was the red blend followed by the Saronsberg MCC. The Chardonnay was a firm favourite amongst the girls. I learnt a few things while organising this little get together with my friends;

  • It’s an opportunity to experiment with wines you wouldn’t usually, so feel free to be bold in your selections.
  • Not everyone will like the same wines but try and accommodate people as much as possible. (E.g, If you love reds only, please be kind and add a bottle or two of whites to your selections.)
  • The tasting bottles are enough. Believe me when I say this, it is enough! We made the mistake of thinking we’ll need to have more wine after the initial tasting and listen, we got a bit too happy.
  • Prices vary from shop to shop but I found Makro and Takealot have the best deals on wine.


I hope this inspires you to start something similar with your group of friends ❤️



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